We provide a huge range of items, if you require any further information or cannot find something you require please contact us.


We sell a range of poultry items including free range chickens sourced locally from These are reared in small flocks in a traditional free-range environment. Fed an additive free corn rich diet and slow grown to ensure a succulent meat with full flavour.

Turkeys – Return for more info regarding our Christmas items soon.


Beef Burgers
Minced English beef with seasoning and onion.

Pork & Apple
Award winning & a real favourite all year round.

Lamb Burgers
Minced English lamb with a tasty kofta seasoning.


Wild Duck,
Partridge, Guinea Fowl,
Grouse, Rabbit,
Venison Steaks, Quail,
Diced Venison,
Venison Haunch &
Pheasant Breasts

Cooked Meats & Cheese

Ham, Ox Tongue,
Pressed Brisket,
Roast Turkey,
Haslet, Faggots
Black pudding, Stilton
Colliers Cheddar

English pork

All of our Pork comes from gilt, (female), Pigs Which provide a traditional taste and are supplied by local farms. Cuts available from Leg, Rolled Shoulder, Loin and Belly.

Traditional “Home” Cured bacon

Selected pork, boned, trimmed and prepared with a traditional dry cure rub. “It tastes like bacon used to!”

Dry cured back bacon
A Variety of plain, smoked and sweet cured back, streaky and gammons available.

Speciality Award Winning Sausages

Our Award Winning Sausages are prepared & made on the premises using the finest British meat from local suppliers. Sausages are suitable for home freezing. We only use natural skins.

Cambridge Thin, Lemon & Country Herb, Pork & Leek, Old English, Sun dried Tomato & Basil, Sweet Chilli, Pork & Stilton, Farmhouse, Toulouse, Merguez, Cracked Black Pepper, Boerewors, Glutan Free & more.
Take a look at our dedicated Speciality Sausage page for full details.

English Beef

All our beef is traditionally hung
to improve taste and tenderness. A full range of cuts prepared to your requirements.

English Lamb

All lambs are supplied by local farms. Cuts from the Leg, Shoulder and loin. Crown Roasts, Guard of Honour available to order.


Biltong is a kind of cured meat that originated in South Africa. We sell our Home-made special recipe beef biltong sticks.

Handmade Pies

W.F. Chapman award winning pork pies are made on the premises using the finest English pork, made to our very own special recipe, Chicken & ham, Breakfast Pie, Game Pie & Ploughmans Pork Pie

Handmade Pastries

Award winning Cornish Pasties, Steak & Kidney Pie, Steak Pie, Family size Pies, Chicken & Mushroom
Pork and Apple Roulade, Minced English pork seasoned and wrapped in puff pastry for you to bake in your own oven.

Hog Roasts

We are happy to help you choose from our excellent selection of locally produced meats for all occasions, Traditionally prepared by third generation Butchers. Please contact us for full details.


During the summer we offer a range of freshly prepared meats that are locally sourced & traditionally prepared. We offer a large selection of homemade barbecue meats including the below:
Award Winning home made sausages
Take a look at our dedicated Sausage page for further details.
Kebabs & Grill Sticks
Pork Kebabs, Chicken Kebabs, Lamb Kofta grill sticks
Homemade Burgers
Steak Burger, Pork & Apple Burger, Lamb Burger
Meat Marinades Pork – Chicken – Lamb
Greek Passion Kofta Chinese
Fresh Chicken
Boneless Chicken Fillets, Chicken Drum Sticks, Chicken Legs, Chicken Thighs
English Steak
Rump Steak Sirloin Steak Fillet Steak
English Pork/Old Spot Pork
Greek passion Pork Steak, Chinese Spare Ribs, Pork Kebab

Freezer Meat Supplied – Please ask for prices.

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